4 Die in ND Truck Crash – uncounted casualties of the climate crisis

This headline rolled by my facebook inbox today.

“Head-on crash kills 4 people near Mandaree” (North Dakota).

The second paragraph of the article in the Minot Daily News reads:

“According to the North Dakota Highway Patrol, Alvin Martinez, 24, of Vernal, Utah, was pulling an empty tanker trailer southbound on North Dakota Highway 22..”

This young man was pulling a tanker trailer. He was heading to or from refineries and transfer stations for petroleum industry. He was on Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara land.

The article continues:

“.. a 1997 Chevy S10 pickup driven by Sarah Darlene Johnson, 21, of Four Bears, around 8:20 a.m.

Johnson and her passengers, Adrian Ross Little Owl, 26; Gracie May Canyon Fox, 5; and Layla Little Owl, 2, all died from injuries suffered in the crash.”

These children and their families are the uncounted casualties of the climate crisis. Their deaths were caused by the processes of industrial capitalism and globalization.

When will the economists and political scientists, who analyze and count such things, count these deaths as also the deaths of the climate crisis, of overconsumption in the North, of the petroleum industry?

On this reservation, my friend Kandi Mossett Eagle Woman, sees several deaths a year from the activities related to extractive industries. In fact, I see her a couple of times a year, three or four on average. Almost every time I see her, she has a new death on the rez. Among many other things Kandi does, she runs a environmental education program for the youth in her community. There are huge sunflowers in her front yard.

She was also recently arrested in front of the White House, along with 1, 232 other people, to stop the construction of a proposed pipeline that would go from Alberta, Canada, to Houston, TX, and run through significant parts of her reservation and other Native lands, from the Loubicon Cree and Dene lands where the tar sands oil would be extracted, to the communities on the refinery and power plant ends: Three Tribes, where Kandi stays, but also other EJ communities: The Little Village in Chicago, Detroit, the Houston Shipping Channel, Richmond and Wilmington (California).

VIDEO of Kandi Eagle Woman at the Tar Sands Action in DC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PcCeb3MuBiQ

The Tar Sands Native Day of Action: http://narcosphere.narconews.com/notebook/brenda-norrell/2011/09/native-leaders-arrested-white-house

The original article on the crash in the Minot Daily News

Another action by women of the Blood Nation against hydraulic fracturing, also in Alberta, Canada: http://bsnorrell.blogspot.com/2011/09/elle-maija-tailfeathers-blood-nation.html

And, from their statement on why they were protesting:

“We each have a deep love for our homeland and wish for our children and grandchildren to be able to love the land in the same way that our people have since the beginning.”

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PRESS CONFERENCE: SCNC and SCIC to denounce LAPD and Villaraigosa for stealing cars from immigrants. 12/23/10 CITY HALL 4:30pm

F O R  I MM E D I A T E  R E L E A S E

PRESS CONFERENCE: Neighborhood Council and Southern CaliforniaImmigration Coalition to denounce the Los Angeles Police Departmentand Mayor Villaraigosa for stealing cars from Immigrants; especially during Christmas

December 23, 2010

The Southern California Immigration Coalition and the South Central Neighborhood Council will denounce the increasing wave of LAPD and Sherriff’s “Sobriety” Checkpoints which continue to be strategically used to legally steal thousands of cars from undocumented immigrants. Stealing cars from Immigrants has become a multimillion dollar industry that is now being used to alleviate the city’s budget deficit. In 2009, the state of California shamefully profited $40 million from these checkpoints. This is being done at the expense of the undocumented community and is particularly shameful during this holiday season.


Under the pretext of looking for drunk drivers, the LAPD and Sherriff’s Departments are specifically racially profiling Latinos by strategically placing “Sobriety” checkpoints in predominantly Latino communities. These include “Sobriety” checkpoints on Tuesday mornings in strictly residential neighborhoods. These are obviously traps to catch unlicensed drivers. Both of those departments acknowledge that the GREAT majority of the cars impounded are NOT from drunk drivers but from unlicensed drivers; most of whom are undocumented.


Because Mayor Villaraigosa has publicly stated his opposition to the racial profiling that is taking place in Arizona, we call on him and the City Council to end this same type of racial profiling and attacks on immigrants here in Los Angeles. Elected representatives of the South Central Neighborhood Council will present a resolution (attached) which they are spreading to other Neighborhood Councils and eventually to the LA City Council that calls for the end to the confiscation of vehicles at Sobriety Checkpoints for drivers who are simply unlicensed.


The central objectives will be:

1)         To call for an IMMEDIATE halt to the impounding of vehicles at sobriety checkpoints for people who are NOT under the influence

2)         To make a call for our communities to defend themselves from the Police and Sherriff’s Departments by resisting the Checkpoints

3)         To publicly present the resolution that was approved by the South Central Neighborhood Council that calls for an end to the confiscation of cars of unlicensed drivers and the campaign to bring this to the City Council.


Organizers will be available for interviews



Contacts: Ron Gochez (English/Spanish)  mexicanoatucla@aol.com


Julia Wallace (English)  oolia17@gmail.com


What: Community organizations to denounce Villaraigosa, the LAPD and the Sherriff Department for stealing cars from Immigrants, especially during Christmas


Where: LA City Hall, 200 North Spring St. Los Angeles, CA 90012

When: Thursday, December 23, 2010

Time: 4:30 P.M

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UN sets out seven objectives for Cancún climate talks

Was just on a US state department briefing call on climate change. Sociologically fascinating. Would have liked to hear more details about how US policy negotiations at the international level will help or hurt efforts at equity-and-sustainability that are currently being implemented in cities nationwide.

This article uses the Copenhagen Accord. Disturbing.

In positive news, there are fabulous coalitions of grassroots and professional groups in the United States who are developing local solutions on mitigation and adaptation, as well as planning on their work in relationship to policy neogitations on climate change and equity at their local, state, regional, national and in the international treaty-making processes. How often are the people who are the developers and implementers of solutions, who come from the poorest communities and regions in our country, also on the frontlines of making and negotiating policy? Impressive and powerful.

Happy Monday!

———- Forwarded message ———-


UN sets out seven objectives for Cancún climate talks
23 September 2010

The Cancún climate talks could realistically make progress in seven areas, according to a leading UN climate official.

Halldor Thorgeirsson, director of Bali Road Map Support at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change secretariat, said that the talks, in Mexico in December, will be a "test of procedure" for climate negotiations following last year's meeting in Copenhagen that was characterised by disunity among nations.
Addressing a conference at Chatham House in London today, he called for “a paradigm shift” away from the attitude that "nothing is agreed until everything is agreed" towards "nothing is agreed until enough is agreed".
Thorgeirsson identified seven areas where progress could be made in Cancún:

  1. Formalising pledges to mitigate climate change, made for example in the Copenhagen Accord;
  2. Putting in place a system for measuring, reporting and verifying efforts to mitigate emissions, and financial support for those efforts;
  3. Establishing a framework for adaptation;
  4. Agreeing a fund for mitigation and adaptation activities, putting in motion the design of that fund and an agreement for its oversight;
  5. Putting in place the infrastructure needed to deliver funds for mitigation and adaptation, and establishing a registry for developing countries' 'nationally agreed mitigation actions';
  6. Establishing a global goal – most likely to limit global temperature rise to 2°C – and a process for measuring progress towards and reviewing that goal; and
  7. Launching of a “readiness phase” for a mechanism to direct finance to reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation.

"This is a realistic assessment of what could be achieved," he said. "The essence really is long-term finance and delivery of short-term finance."
Thorgeirsson cautioned that assigning responsibility for emission cuts "won't hap pen in Cancún" and continuing to negotiate emission reduction targets "delays delivery on action".
"But, at the same time, we need to avoid a gap” between the end of the Kyoto Protocol's first commitment period, at the end of 2012, and whatever comes after, and “ensure continuation of the carbon markets”.

# # #

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AUSTRALIA: Activists shut down world’s biggest coal port

interesting news. From Black Mesa to Appalachia to Australia …

* * * * 
Activists shut down world’s biggest coal port

Posted: 26 September, 2010 by withoutyourwalls in Uncategorized

5:30am, Sunday 26th September 2010:

Global warming activists have shut down operations at all three coal terminals in the Port of Newcastle, Australia, the world’s largest exporter of coal.

At dawn this morning, teams of people entered the three coal terminals in Newcastle. The activists climbed to the top of large ship loading machines, and abseiled part-way down structural cables that suspend the loaders over coal ships. The ship loaders can’t be operated without endangering the climbers, who are determined to stay there for as long as possible.

Annika Dean, spokesperson for the protest organisers, Rising Tide Newcastle, explained the group’s motivations: “We are staging an emergency intervention into Australia’s number one cause of global warming.”

“Around the world, the early impacts of unabated global warming are beginning to emerge. 2010 has been a year of tragic weather disasters.”

“Thousands of people have died this year due to flash floods in Pakistan and China, and fires in Siberia. Millions of people are facing starvation due to a devastating drought in west Africa. These are the impacts of global warming that scientists have been warning us about for decades. Global warming is happening now, and it is killing people.”

“Australia is a major contributor to this crisis, due to the massive volumes of coal we export. We are  exporting global warming to the world. With the support of both Labor and the Coalition, Australia’s coal exports are booming. Here in Newcastle, already the world’s biggest coal port, multinational mining corporations are planning to triple exports over the next decade. It’s a similar story at all coal ports in the country.”

“Urgent action against global warming is needed. We have been forced to make our dramatic protest today because the Federal government is failing to take any action.”

“We call on Prime Minister Gillard to step up to the challenge of global warming, put an immediate moratorium on the expansion of the coal industry, and begin to replace this outdated industry with the renewable industries of the future,” concluded Ms Dean.

Check here for updates and timeline as the action continues

Skype: gary.cranston

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FBI Raids Against Anti-War Groups in Minnesota, Chicago

While we knew that the FBI was targeting "eco-terrorists", the charges and raids are being expanded to anti-war and other social justice organizations and networks.

Very disturbing.

* * * * *

In the past few days, the FBI raided the homes of anti-war activists in the midwest US and the executive director of Arab American Advocacy Network. 






Ted Dooley, Kelly's attorney, called the raids "a probe into the political beliefs of American citizens and any organization anywhere that opposes the American imperial design." He said the warrants cited a federal law making it a violation to provide or conspire to provide material support to designated foreign terrorist organizations.



Video of Community Meeting:


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Young Black Women on Being Black, Teachers and Environmentalists

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BREAKING: For Immediate Release: Population Control Alarmist Attacks Discovery Channel Headquarters

Folks, this is very alarming. Recently they arrested a man from Tulare County with a fully loaded up truck and his full body armor as he was driving crazy through Oakland highways headed towards the Tides Foundation and the ACLU offices in SF.

Now they hittin up MD.

Cuidado y qu se cuidan. take care of each other. love each other and protect each other.


* * * * *

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                             
September 1, 2010
For more information contact
Jill Garvey 312-266-0319

CHICAGO – Today’s hostage situation at the Discovery Channel’s headquarters in Silver Spring, Maryland indicates an alarming re-emergence of racially-tinged population control arguments.

See http://www.newcomm.org/content/view/2146/91/ for full media release.

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